Custom Fields in Receipts and Payments cannot be added to Custom Reports

After the split, custom fields in receipts and payments cannot be shown in Customer Reports.

Any workaround on this? All our Payment and Receipt reports are not showing the custom fields. Any way to revert to older version in Cloud?

Which version are you using (at the bottom of any of your screens). The current version is 21.4.27 and may have already resolved your problem. There are quite a lot of version updates in the last few days as major changes have been implemented. So if something “breaks” people comment here on the forum as you correctly do that something is no longer working. However, the solution may already have been found (or not) so important to download the latest just before implementing and use that one as test environment (so keep your current instance) and install another instance with the latest version to use for testing, just import a backup from the curret instance in the testing one).

We are on cloud subscription, so I guess it should be the latest version. Still not fixed at version 21.4.27.

Not necessarily as sometimes you need to restart the cloud version. best is just to check the bottom of the pages. Go to and click Restart Cloud Server button.

The latest version (21.4.41) should be fixing this issue.