Custom Field For Inventory Kit


I would like to request you to enable a function to add a custom field to inventory kits, just like we can do for inventory items and non inventory items.
My reason for asking the same are as follows:
As you know that post GST implementation in India, for each Item on a sales invoice, we have to mention the HSN code of that item. Now, when we are using inventory/non inventory items in the sales invoice, we can do it as guided by you, using custom fields.
But when i use inventory kits for invoicing, the same option isn’t available. So if i use inventory kit, I can’t mention the HSN code. If somehow i am able to get that option it would be great.


Whether a custom field for inventory kits is added or not, you can still use a custom field on a line-item basis. See this revised Guide: Use the first option under HSN Column.

Thank you so much. Solved my problem.