Custom field not appearing on Sales Order if inventory kit was used

Hello Team,

I love using your software, I use it as a small inventory management tool to create bills of materials through the Sales Quotes module. I am using the latest version, 17.4.53.

I came upon an issue when adding inventory kits as items in Sales Quotes.

I have added a custom field: Custom Fields -> Inventory Item -> “Part List”, with both “Show…” ticked on. All my inventory parts have the “Part List” custom field filled, with i.e. screws are Hardware, resistors are Electronics.

The issue is present when I create an inventory kit which is a PCB Board, using my inventory items, and add it later as an item in the Sales Quote Form (which I titled Bill of Materials) for the bigger assembly that will be using the inventory kit.

The Part List column does not show on the forms, and I managed to play with different settings to find out that whenever I add an inventory kit as one of the items, it makes the Part List (custom field) column disappear, but if I create orders with regular inventory items, the Part List column is shown.

This is I believe due to inventory kits not having a common custom field with “Custom Fields -> Inventory Item” that can be customized (so if I go to my inventory kit, I would see Part List box).

The workaround would be to add a new inventory item, which would be my “inventory kit”, since would add it to Sales Quote as a regular inventory item, therefore allowing the Part List column to show. Is this the correct way to do it?

On a side note - I have found the inventory kits to be missing an option to show the cost of parts, for the sake of putting a sale price on the kit itself. I end up creating a Sales Quote for the PCB Board to get the total cost, then go back into inventory kit and insert the cost into sale price.


As for the total cost price I found a different approach, instead of inventory kits I created inventory item and a production order which contains the inventory kit parts. Now, when I reference the inventory item (linked to production order) in my Sales Quote, the cost updates automatically based on inventory pricing, and the Part List column is shown.

This would be your solution.