Currency Changes in Zimbabwe

On 20 Feb 2019, in Zimbabwe, we had the announcement of this year’s monetary policy. We have been using Bond Notes and Electronic transfers to make payments and these were deemed in the past to trade at 1:1 with the US$.
After the 20th of February announcement we now have what is called the RTGS dollar (made up of Bond Notes; Bond Coins; Electronic Transfers) which will float-trade against other currencies. Currently the RTGS dollar is trading at 3.5 - 4 against the US$.
Is it possible to include this RTGS dollar in the currency schedule of Manager since in Zimbabwe this RTGS dollar will be used to trade with all worldwide currencies at prevailing rates determined by the willing buyer, willing seller basis. Thank you.


Your solution for the time being is to create 2 bank accounts / cash accounts. One with USD$ and the other with either CAD$ / A$ so that you will be able to keep track of your transactions

@lubos I was about to make a similar posting.
As a result of Zimbabwe effectively having a new currency from Monday 25 Feb 2019 it will be necessary to clearly state on invoices etc. whether the bill is in USD$ or the new RTGS$. Currently, whilst my base currency is set to USD it only shows on printed documents as$ . We need to identify clearly whether it is USD$ that we are billing or RTGS$.

The latest version (19.2.17) is adding RTGS$.


Thank you.

Printed documents must show RTGS$ in front of the amount not just $.
Maybe that’s an option somewhere but cant see it.

Many thanks for including the RTGS Dollar in 19.2.17 updated version. Please do note that as from June 24 2019 the base currency in Zimbabwe is now the Zimbabwean Dollar or to simplify the RTGS dollars were renamed to Zimbabwean Dollar abbreviated as ZWL could you please include ZWL in the next update as Zimbabwe’s base currency. Thank you

@lubos things in Zimbabwe change every few months, RTGS$ has now become the ZWL$, please could you amend on a future update.

Thanks in advance.

The latest version (19.9.36) renames the currency. In future, currencies won’t be built-in so they can be modified by end users.