Credit Note to customer and then payment received


No, your belief that Manager should not allow overpayment is not correct. What if the customer accidentally overpays? Should the program refuse to let you enter the receipt? No, it should not. It should accept the entry as show you where the problem lies.

Your difficulty comes from using a credit note to record an unearned rebate, as I said earlier.


No no my belief is that Manager should allow over-payment but like Lubos corrected and stopped the auto-allocation of payment (which is a credit) to next invoice, similarly auto-allocation of credit note to next open invoice should also be stopped unless specified while creating the credit note. Got it?


The program gives you the choice. Specify the invoice to record overpayment. Leave the invoice number blank for automatic allocation.


What about the option to select the advance rebate debit (done via spend money) instead of the invoice? There is no such option. So how do I allocate the credit note against this advance debit to prevent it from auto allocation to the next invoice?


Any solution or input from @lubos on this matter?


@asifnwb - I understand your points clearly but you have to remember that your situation (paying out the credit note) is not the norm but the software overall functions for the norm. Therefore you have to adjust your usage to suit your unusual situation.

If that date order is so important then the user can always resolve this themselves by temporarily changing their operating system date to match the required transaction date.

No, what if there is no open invoice to specify at the time the credit note is created, that credit note would remain unallocated even after the next open invoice is created, therefore forcing the user to go back and edit that credit note.

The oddity here is that if you weren’t paying out the credit note you wouldn’t be having the issue.


Read the Guide about advances and deposits. What you ask is already provided.


If business does not pay credit note and it is an oddity, then that means how do we handle rebates in business? It is same as my case right? Further, rebates need not be against any invoice at all. It could just be an year end one time discount. It could be based on total value of all invoices or any other commercial term. Commercial terms can be as and what the sales people agree and we all know customer demands can be never ending so this is in fact not so unusual and many businesses have this kind of transaction in many industries.

@Tut I went through the guide but could not grasp how advance and deposit links to paying out the credit note. In below image (cash spend money option), even if I can get the credit note option along with invoices in the drop down menu, that can resolve my issue. I think this should not be a big change to ask for.

@lubos can you please comment on this since you are the developer of this software.


There are many ways - each business does what best suits them.

  1. just write a cheque without it affecting the Accounts Receivable account.
  2. just put a credit note on the account and let the next invoices absorb it
  3. just offer the customer free products in lieu of credit note.
  4. just offer additional discount for next period of time.

No, most businesses require the customer to place and pay for their orders first and then they earn the rebate. In your case you are paying the rebate before the customer has even placed any orders.


You keep bringing credit notes into your responses to my suggestions. But my suggestions continue to be not to use credit notes for this purpose. The Guide also does not suggest this. So don’t look for credit notes to be listed.


Firstly, the guide does not talk of my situation where credit note needs to be paid and invoice are fully paid by customer later.

Secondly, in pharma industry trading, this kind of practice is often a norm for customers like big pharmacies who buy big but want to squeeze any new entrant to the market as much as possible, which is our situation as a 6 month old startup.

Thirdly, we are having all sorts of customization in Manager for little bits and pieces and a new improved version every 3 to 4 days on average but I don’t know why I am being suggested time and again to bend my genuine real-world transaction instead of just adjusting this bit in Manager to give greater flexibility for the highly varying users of this wonderful software.

Anyway, @sharpdrivetek @Brucanna @Tut thanks for your valuable time and swift replies. @lubos I hope you think through what I said.

Whether to go for an amendment in spend money option to refer to credit notes along with invoices (and contra-transaction in debit notes for the receiving end) or not is your call eventually.