Credit card reconciliation problem

Hello my credit card statements are tallying nicely with the balance manger shows but when i go through the reconciliation process it makes no sense to me. My statements run from from the 5th of the month but in the reconciliation, which i set for the 5th of the latest staement, i see this after reconciliation fails:
‘What was the closing balance of Credit card Nat west as at 16 April 2018 as per bank statement?’

Im totally at a loss to know the relevance of manager asking this?
any help much appreciated thanks

Try to upgrade to the latest version. About 2 months ago bank reconciliation workflow has been reworked to give you more control over the process.


Thanks I think im on the latest bit will check

Two things to check…

  1. Make certain that the statement balance is entered as a negative number
  2. change any of the transactions that exist within that date range and are NOT listed on your statement to a PENDING status.


for others who may have a similar issue upgrading to the latest version seemed to do the trick, thanks to all who replied