Credit card account as liability instead of decreasing the bank or cash

how to create the credit card account as liability instead of decreasing the bank or cash.
is there way to create the credit card account transfer money from bank to credit card account which has no connection with the bank account

You can already create a liability account and use it for credit card charges, which can be thought of as liabilities. The problem is that you lose all the functionality built into the program for bank accounts, like Spend Money, Receive Money, and Transfer Money.

When you create a bank account for credit card transactions, you can simply Spend Money from it, and that will drive its balance negative. A negative asset balance is financially equivalent to a liability. Some would call such a credit card account a contra asset account (meaning its balance is normally negative until paid). And you then get the benefit of your Cash at Bank balance in the Summary showing how much money you really have to spend without having to do offline arithmetic.

But the choice is really up to you.

Remember, the bank account and credit card account don’t actually have to be connected at the same institution to use the Transfer Money function in Manager. Paying a credit card statement from the bank account is financially the same as transferring money from the bank account (which was positive) to the credit card account (which was negative) to zero it out.