Credit Card Liability

I’d like to be able to put my credit card account under liabilities, but still be able to use it as a payment method. Any suggestions or do I just need to have two credit card accounts (one under bank and one under liabilities) and after I pay a bill, make a manual journal entry to move it to the liability account?

Just create it as a bank account (it is after all).

Right now, the credit card account will be put under Cash at bank asset control account but soon it will be possible to categorize bank accounts with negative balances under different liability account.

Right now I’m using it as a bank account, but I would like to show it as a liability. I’ll look forward to that update in the future!

Hey Lubos, are you still going to implement the above mentioned changes?

Just checking to see if this functionality is available yet. I’m running 15.0.1 & don’t see how to implement.

Hello, I’m also looking forward for this option. QBO and Xero has this option to set any account to use as paying account.

read the guide

Wow! Thank you so much!