Creating Links to your own files/invoices/purchases etc

The addition of attachments to Manager is exactly what I needed, however there are times when just a link to a file stored on my computer would suffice, so I’ve tried to create this on Windows. Once you have you created links changing files names or folders will break the link.

There are several steps, but once they are complete, creating the links are relatively simple:

Step 1

If you are linking to an Adobe Acrobat file, you need to stop the PDF file from opening in a browser. Depending on the age of your Adobe Reader file, different methods need to be used, a Google should help. Other files like Word or Excel should open in their own program.

Step 2

Create a Microsoft Excel worksheet to manufacture the link needed, I called mine Custom Links but you can call it anything you like. On one worksheet create columns as shown below in the image

Step 3

With your Excel Worksheet open but minimised, go to the file on your computer you want to use and using the SHIFT button and RIGHT CLICK button click on COPY AS PATH from the drop down box.

This needs to be pasted into B1 on your Excel Worksheet

Step 4

In F1 the completed code should be ready for copying and pasting into the NOTES section (accessible through EDIT) on the relevant MANAGER entry, ensuring you UPDATE after entry. Notes appear on most transactions so the links could refer to a number of things and you can put more than one link.

Step 5

As with the new attachments if the link is correct it will be visible via the VIEW button of the transaction.