Creating a custom report


I want to make a custom report where I can print a list of all my customers grouped by CODE.
I can’t find a simple manual about creating even a simple sql. Can maybe somebody help me with this?
How do I start? How do I find how the table is coded in Manager? etc. etc.
Thank you

you can view the list of customers grouped under one code by running the following command in custom reports.

SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE CODE = “xxx”

Replace xxx with your code saved in the customer details. You may then export it to Excel.

If you wish to view all customers under different code then you may run the following code.

SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE CODE != “”

NOTE: This will not display any customer without a code.

I hope you got the report you needed.

One thing I forgot to mention is you should have saved the customer details with a unique code in the first place while creating a customer. Or you can edit and save the customer details under the tab customers with the code later if you did not.