Create custom themes

I have created a lot of custom themes in which I use for example {{ }} for the name of a supplier or a customer.
However, I cannot find a few references to use in {{ … }} like:
“Bank Account”

Is to possible to inform us what {{ … }} refers to these examples?
I believe that it would be benefecial to have a guide with them, if possible (I didn’t find anything in the forum / current guides)

You know that custom themes are on the brink to be phased out, don’t you?

But Date would be {{ fields["Date"] }} and I guess that Bank Account is a custom field so it would be {{ custom_fields["Bank Account"] }}

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Ohh… I didn’t know that… Very dissapointed if this happens. In my opinion, custom themes are very useful and beneficial for the users (the results are customised to our needs).

This works!! Ty!!!

It works too!!!

I feel that Customers are totally left out of any proposed changes, which at least we can vote on.