Create a Custom Report Showing Only List of Chart of Accounts

I am trying to learn about custom reports. As a learning experience I am trying to create a simple report that would simply show the entire chart of accounts ordered by account code.

Can someone explain how I would do this?

Custom reports will be soon gone. I’m working on a replacement that will be a lot more intuitive.


To answer your question directly, custom reports only list transactions.

I hope that the replacement will still be able to give me output in the form of a transaction journal, complete with all the fields listed in the transaction.

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@lubos, the release of full custom reports asap would add fantastic values to ,along with other useful functionalities we have already had. Thanks for your tireless development & efforts.

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You can try Reports → General Ledger Summary and enable include account codes.
The resulting View Screen can be copied to clipboard and pasted in a spreadsheet such as Excel.
There you can further sort them if needed.

You can also just copy the balance sheet and P&L reports, paste into a spreadsheet, and delete the account figures.

You can also drag and copy the Summary. All described methods are easier than defining a custom report. Custom reports are generally the last resort. There is almost always an easier way to present desired information.

Thanks for the info. I guess I will wait for the new version. I am really new to this and was just wanting to learn about creating reports so I set out to do that report just to learn.

So you learned that you indeed should not venture in learning the current custom reports system as explained by the developer and that a “…simple report that would simply show the entire chart of accounts ordered by account code…” is not possible and will not be possible to realize through the current custom reports and the future one as @Tut explained they only list transactions.

In addition there are alternative ways to get a list of the Chart of Accounts with accounting codes that you can futher modify using a spreadsheet application.


I’ve seen your comment about removing custom reports, and I wanted to share my perspective. Custom reports are essential for many users. While I appreciate your efforts to improve the system, I strongly recommend preserving custom reports. Enhancing and streamlining the feature for user-friendliness while retaining core functionality could benefit a broader range of users. Thanks for your dedication, and I hope for a solution that meets both your goals and user preferences.