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How can I add the costs of transporting the goods in the program and calculating them for the carriers at the same time with calculating the profits from shipping the goods?

Your questions are not clear. Are you referring to transportation costs for goods you are shipping to customers or goods you are buying from suppliers? And why are you calculating costs for the carriers? Surely that is the carriers’ responsibility.

Also, what do you mean by “…at the same time with calculating the profits from shipping the goods?” Are you referring to charging customers more for shipping than your carriers charge you?

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thank you for replying …
Yes, I want to calculate the costs of transporting goods to customers as I own cars for shipping and there are companies that transfer the goods to me and in some cases add an amount to the customer a profit from the transportation
Therefore, I want to add sums to add transportation details in order to account for each item separately so that I know my profits from the transfer …

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Manager is not cost calculation software. It is accounting software. You will have to determine your outgoing shipping costs yourself, based on information from your shipping carriers. Once you have determined the actual cost, you can charge your customers any amount you want. However, if you are just looking for a way to perform the calculations, Manager can do that if you enter the formula in the unit price field. See

To know profits on shipping, you have options:

  • Post shipping charges from your suppliers to a dedicated expense account. Post shipping charges to your customers to a dedicated income account. The difference between the two will be your shipping profit.
  • Post both incoming and outgoing shipping charges to the same account. They will offset one another so the account balance will be your shipping profit. Since you expect to make profits, the shipping account should probably be placed in the Income group.

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