Costco business membership gst rate 6% missing in BAS report


I just found out my free version seems missed the australia costco $55 business membership in 6% gst in calculation of BAS worksheet.

BAS understands in-built tax codes only and GST 6% doesn’t exist as in-built tax code for Australia because there is no such a thing. So why are you using GST 6%?

on the Costco invoice, there are mentioned gst amount 3.12 only for membership fee of $55

sorry, in costco invoice, it mentioned 6% gst rate

google costco 6% gst to find out the invoice image

Pretty sure sure it’s typo on their part. They probably meant 10% GST which makes sense considering their membership fee is $55 that is $50 + $5 GST.

Give them a call to clarify.