Cost per units :: margin per unit

Hi everyone

1 Is there a way to calculate the cost, the income and the benefit per each unit without using Excel

2 is there a way to calculate the margins/markups for each type of inventories in order to control the costs and benefits

This type of calculations are a part of the cost accounting, but I don’t know if you will have such features in MANAGER


When using the Inventory module, the program keeps track of costs using the average cost from your purchase invoices or production orders

There are reports in the Inventory section with these details

I don’t use the Inventory tab so I am not up to date on all the options available but there is a report called Inventory Profit Margin

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Use the Inventory Profit Margin report in the Reports tab.


Thanks a lot for responding
My issue is the following
The margin in the report is about the direct cost of the item
What I need is the margin considering the direct and the indirect cost
Indirect costs like the Electricity bills , the rent bills , phone bills and all the indirect cost added to the item’s purchase cost
Thanks a lot

Unless you know a way to allocate indirect costs to individual inventory items, the closest you can get is the Profit and Loss Statement. There is a reason they are referred to as indirect costs. They cannot be associated directly with any inventory item.

I was thinking that if we take all costs and divide it by the number of items plus the average of the purchased cost
Well I don’t know how
But if there’s a way to integrate this calculation in reporting it will be a great idea

You can export data to a spreadsheet and make whatever calculations you want. What you describe, however, has no foundation in accounting, so you are unlikely to see such a report in Manager.

What I suggested is about the cost control accounting
And know that Manager is based on financial accounting

But if such features are considered in the program it will be great