Cost of goods sold in P&L Report

For Example…
I have 2 or 3 Raw Items
and from I make 1 Finished product.

SO check here my inventory Items

then I Purchased / Generate Purchase bill (2 Raw item purchased from 2 different date and supplier)

Raw 1 Purchase
Raw 2 purchase

then I Sell my Finished Item from Sale invoice.

then I generated the Production Order (Same date a Sales invoice)

but now the Strange things happened. Summary Displayed Full Profit. (and Nothing displayed in Cost of inventory… :exploding_head:
Summary Displayed

P&L Report
P&L Report

I Find this BUG Because of Strange P&L Report in my original Working Company …
Please Correct this BUG or Correct me If I am doing something wrong.

Not a bug.

This guide explains what is happening

Basically, you need to make sure production order for finished item is higher than production order for raw item. This will ensure the inventory transactions posted on the same day will be processed in the correct order.

The first screenshot tells you your production orders are not set right (that yellow notice is there for a reason)

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After correcting the production Stage 2, its corrected. thanks for correcting me.

But If Manager do not understand without Correct Production stage then it’s disappointing for me. I am using manager from last 4 years… and Liked it very much… but this Production stage creates a many problem. (Because without correct production stage Number manager P&L report is mislead…) that’s the biggest problem.

and here is the other thread … and may be the same problem as I have.

That is correct. And that is why production stages exist — so the P&L report is not misleading. Without production stages, the P&L can be wrong.

The problem is, what your guys updated has changed the whole system including the audited one. How could you explain this to the external auditor ? This lead to our problem. It’s easy for you guys to update the system and suddenly the numbers changed, but for the company it’ll lead to a disaster. Now I’ve got issued with the government tax office because of this. @lubos please help me to check my database if possible. I really2 need help.

@rully_p Inventory costing as implemented in Manager has no known bugs. And no new bugs have been reported for at least a year. So I’m confident the implementation is solid going onwards.

If you were affected by inventory costing bug in the past and your cost of goods sold in the past years has been recalculated to be different, you can make journal entry to make necessary adjustments to make the figures the same.

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Hi @lubos , The problem is it changed all my Cost of Goods Sold number from previous years. That’s what I couldn’t explain to my external auditor with this changes. All the COGS supposed to be automatic and it changed due to the manager update. That’s why I need your help to clarify this problem.

1st. I advised to use and import your backup. (Hope you have your earlier backup of your company) then uninstall manager new version. and then install old version of manager which you used previously. (you can find old version online) if not then please comment here. I will try to help.
and then please read lubos comment.
as written bellow.

@rully_p, please do not follow this advice. You will be returning to a version of Manager that produced errors. Use the current version and correct past errors with journal entries.


I will clarify more.
I am saying to use a Old version backup which he saved earlier in his old version Manager.
and yes its not a perfect solution. he must need to correct the past errors. but for temporary he can try that…
And again I clarify that @tut is highly qualified and knowledgeable then me. so must take his advise very seriously. :pray: