Cost Accounting

In the Turkish accounting system, there are cost accounts that are neither in the balance sheet nor in the income statement. I didn’t know how to categorized them in manager.

For example

770 General And Administrative Expenses 3605,18 Dr
136 Other Receivables 220,73 Dr
335 Due to Personnel 2324,71 Cr
360 Taxes And Funds Payables 397,57 Cr
361 Social Security Premiums Payable 1103,63 Cr

770 account is cost accounts but it is not under Income Statement.
End of the year it is closed with 771 reflection account and then 771 post to income statement account with 632 General Administrative Expenses (-)

771 Reflection Account for General Administrative Expenses 3605,18 Dr
770 General Administrative Expenses 3605,18 Cr

632 General Administrative Expenses (-) 3605,18 Dr
771 Reflection Account for General Administrative Expenses 3605,18 Cr

My ideas are;
1- checkboxes where we can select the accounts we want to remove in the Dashboard and profit and loss statement report

2- Creating an extra section where we can enter cost accounts

PS. sorry for my english

Understand that once an account is used in Manager, it can never be disabled. Manager is a perpetual accounting system, so income and expense accounts are not closed at year’s end. You just reset the display period. See the Guide: Manager also does not require old-fashioned income summary accounts and year-end transfers.

The accounts in your first group all belong on either the balance sheet or profit and loss statement. How you organize those two financial statements, however, is quite flexible. See

I don’t know anything about the particular setup of accounts you have, but I can only assume that these 700 accounts work similar to an income summary (correct me if I am wrong).

In case you are using this account as an income summary then @Tut have already answered that. You don’t have to do it in manager.

In case your accounts are non-financial accounts (a separate self balancing set), then the best method to achieve that in manager is to use special accounts under a new balance sheet control account like (non-financial accounts) which is uncategorized.