Correcting for mis-shipped items

I bought some stock from a supplier, but two of the items they shipped were wrong. Instead of 10 × item A and 10 × item B, they sent 10 × item C and 10 × item D.

Because the supplier is in another country and I have two different accounts with them to use for when I’m buying directly or through a consolidating agent, they’ve said it’s probably easiest for them to just make an inventory adjustment on their side rather than issue a credit note and an invoice. The values of the items are different, but the goods I’ve received are worth more than those for which I was invoiced, and the supplier has said they are happy to write off that difference, so it works in my favour.

I was hoping I could do the inventory adjustment on my side with a single transaction, but I’m struggling to work out the best way to do it. I had thought that doing something like @Tut describes here would work nicely, but since I haven’t actually received items A and B, they’re not on hand for me to sell / exchange.

In my goods receipt for the shipment I have entered items C and D, although at this stage obviously there is no purchasing transaction associated with them. Should I rather do a goods receipt for items A and B, then exchange them, even though I didn’t actually receive them? Or would it be better to do an inventory write-off then write-on? I’m reluctant to go this route as it involves more transactions and a new income adjustments account, if I understand the guides correctly.

Or would a journal entry work? It looks to me like this also has the problem of needing to select the inventory location, and items A and B are not in either of my locations.

Create a purchase invoice with a negative quantity for the goods not received and positive quantity of goods actually received. Attach correspondence confirming supplier agreement to supply these replacement goods at returned goods prices

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Thank you! Nice and easy. The agreement was only by telephone, but I’ll request documentation.

Your record of the conversation is an alternative documentation if that is all you require. Write it in your preferred word processor then attach it to the invoice you created. If you want written conformation, attach that when you receive it.