Copy To Behavior for cancelled sales quotes

@Tut you are over complicating this way too much. Again you are looking at the fields and trying to work out what field should be enabled/disabled/updated/same etc. I have already said to you focusing on this is why you are having difficulties trying to envision how this would work. You are better with details than you are with the big overall picture.

Stop looking at the details and look at the bigger picture with regards to what the purpose of the clone and copy to forms is for business points of view which is really about speeding up entering of data. That is the line data specifically.

Lubos has actually already answered your question

Essentially Lubos suggests resetting automatic fields such as date, cancelled box, because the purpose of the copy to quote would be to issue a new quote re-using the line data. That is the business use. To issue a new quote.

Yes, I am looking field by field, because ultimately that is what needs to be done to implement change of the software in any fashion. But I am doing it by trying to imagine the effects on other users and other transaction types in other situations, not just your limited example of copying a quote to a quote so you don’t have to change the date. In reality, I think I am the one looking at the bigger picture, while you are focused on one small aspect of your personal usage pattern.

That is only one potential purpose. The purpose could be to reuse customer information, replicate special terms and conditions, preserve negotiated discounts, or many other things.

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I would just suggest waiting for the implementation of this idea as Lubos and others seem to be on the same track as myself with regards to what is actually required.

All of which will be retained in the new quote even after implementing the changes that I am suggesting. Nobody is suggesting that the data be altered, merely reviewing the structure - specifically the date and status fields like cancelled. Discount is not a status field.

Improved in the latest version (21.9.14).

Date fields should not copy. I know Cancelled checkbox is not a date but only because we do not ask when it was cancelled.

  • Due date should not copy. That has been fixed too.
  • Reference is not being copied
  • Quote number, order number. I think these should not copy as well but if quote number or order number is different for new invoice, you are probably copying from different quote/order anyway. You are not copying from invoice. So I’ll leave that to copy for now even though I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t copy.
  • Unit prices. I think copying should update unit prices if available. But I do not want to do it yet. Manager will need pricing levels implemented so it actually picks up the correct price.
  • Inventory location should copy.

Basically Clone will always remain to be the exact “dumb” clone. Copy to will be “smart”. It will assume you are creating transaction dated today and any date-sensitive field should not copy, some date-sensitive fields should automatically update. I know you can make a case that every field is date-sensitive. Your inventory locations won’t last forever. But even if that’s the case, Manager could still be smart about it. Look into inventory locations whether they are active or not. If inventory location is inactive then it wouldn’t copy.

Every transaction needs “dumb” clone and “smart” copy to.

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