Connecting with the Income and Sales Tax department

Hi All,
Is there any way to connect Manager to the Government Invoicing system??
As in the other countries, our government create invoicing system called “Alfaotara”, and we have to connect with, in two ways as follows:
The first way is to create an account on that system to create invoices online which is difficult.
The second way is to create the invoice using Manager and send it to the department via connecting manager to the invoicing system by converting the invoice into XML and sending it automatically using User Name and Pass Code.
Thank you all

No one can answer your question with the information you have furnished. You have not even identified your country. And after you do, you need to furnish links to official government documentation of requirements and procedures. does look like a Jordan government site .jo - Wikipedia

I’m not aware of Jordan having a Manager localisation. Apparently the new way of interfacing is going to be via Managers new API See Added new API endpoint and "Access Tokens" screen and Invoice Label Changes - #13 by lubos