Commercial Invoice should add commercial invoice for exporter and importers it is much need option. Otherwise it is a good software.

What do you mean by “commercial invoice?” If you are referring to what is often called a pro forma invoice and used to accompany shipments for customs purposes, the sales quote can be retitled and used for that. It has no financial impact. See this Guide: Create sales quotes | Manager.


To me the distinction is as follows:
Pro-forma is produced from quote or order - it reflects order/requested/intended quantities. Sometimes requests a pre-payment.

Commercial invoice is for shipment and reflects actual shipment quantities. - so declared value of actual shipment.

Format and content typically pretty much the same for both but the source of data is different.

Hope that helps.

Either way, a retitled sales quote does the job.

Kind of. Again, Commerical invoice should come from delivery note quantities rather than quote. Who’s to say you actually shipped the quote quantity. What can I tell you there was a delay between quote and shipment and had to back-order a few.

Honestly, sure you can modify the quantity on the quote and it would likely suffice for most - but honestly then it’s not quite leaving the audit trail of the history of the quote vs. shipment in place, but not arguing it probably gets you the piece of paper.

I am not suggesting the commercial invoice should come from a sales quote. All I am saying is that you can use the sales quote form to make a commercial invoice. Since they have no financial or quantity impacts, sales quotes can be thought of as blank forms that can be used for whatever you want. So you can have a sales quote you send to the customer. Then you can generate another for the commercial invoice (or pro forma invoice or whatever you want to call it). Both would remain unrelated to sales invoices or delivery notes.

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Yes I Know but for export you need to declare more information on the invoice like Bill of Lading number, Hs Code, Country of Origin, Port of Loading, Port of Discharge, Container Number, Letter of Credit Number, Incoterm, Reason for export, Carrier etc is not covered in sales invoice. We can add these fields through custom fields but it is difficult, time consuming and there placement is difficult. It would be convenient that we can just select commercial invoice and fill these fields

Since commercial invoices are not accounting transactions, I am sure there are templates available online you could use.

At risk of sounding like a buzz kill, but I wouldn’t have my hopes high. The reason why I am saying this is that:

  1. There’s already too many tabs as-is
  2. As my friend @Tut said, Commercial Invoices are not accounting documents and also will not affect any further documents.
  3. As you said, you can customize either Sales Quotes or Sales Invoices to contain all the fields you would like for a Commercial Invoice. It would definitely take aome effort, but it’s much much less effort that for the developer to maintain an additional tab indefinitely.
  4. Even if somehow we ended up with a completely separate tab for Commecial Invoice, you would still have to add all of your custom fields and create a custom theme. :grin:

Your best bet is to use the already available functionality and hire a local developer to customize it. I would suggest you use Sales Invoices instead, and print twice using two different themes, once for actual invoice and another for the commercial invoice. The reason being that you only create the Commercial Invoice during fulfilment, way past quote and order stage.

I hope I added something of value here.