Combine customer and supplier. Attach files to customers

I have been a user manager for many years. You have created a wonderful and very easy to use program. There are a couple of requests.

  1. It would be great if you could create a purchase invoice for the customers. If the customers are both a buyer and a supplier, it is extremely inconvenient to make settlements. Or, customers and suppliers were in the same folder and to each of them it would be possible to create both a sales and purchase.
  2. You need to make it so that a file can be attached to the customer and supplier. For example, a contract or certificate, or its price. That would be very convenient.
    Thanks for your work. Best wishes/
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In Manager if a company is both a customer and supply you need to create entries in both the customer and supplier tabs.
The program then does not settle the combined account, that is done manually by journal entry. see:

Imo the scope for program improvement is not where to attach document (decide your own convention and put them there even if it is in both locations). Instead Manager support for combining contacts (eg company who is both a supplier & customer or company consisting of multiple entities but common payment point).

I envision the combined entity functionality would work by:

  • having a tab which could be enabled if needed.

  • It would have the ability to define and name groups of contacts (suppliers and customers).

  • Balances for the combined entity would be displayed

  • Transfers across the entity could be done & documented.

The value of the functionality would depend on:

  • how many users have companies who are both suppliers and customers, or companies with multiple divisions for which combined accounts are required

  • And of those users, typically how many such combined entities would be defined

  • If very few users would use this functionality and for very few entities, then the current JE approach would be optimal.

I would really love to see that, I have already posted something with similar sentiment for dimensional design of external parties.

But I think my proposal is a lot of work which may not be feasible to develop any time soon. What you suggest is much more likely to be considered by @lubos for implementation.

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Thinking about this more a better solution again maybe to:

  • Combine the supplier, customer, and employee databases into a single Contact database

  • Use a check box to indicate if a particular contact is listed when looking for customer or supplier or employee

  • Manager would then know when a contact was both supplier and customer so could provide the linkage automatically

  • It would also enable supporting employees who are also customer

  • Or suppliers paid / reported to the tax office equivalent to employees

It is a major change to Manger so I suspect it is unlikely to occur any time soon

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