Column headers display over data line

A small bug:
When there is a narrow display window on the screen the navigation pane is moved to the top of the screen - OK

Then for many screens the column headings display over the top of the first one or two rows of data rather than above the data. This happens for “Bank and Cash Accounts” (over 1st two lines), “Receipts”, “Payments”, “Bank Reconciliation” (over the second line of data) etc.
By widening the window and forcing the navigation icons to the LHS the display corrects.

Please illustrate with screenshots. Also, what version number are you using?

Version Desktop
Windows 10

As described:
The headings: Date, Bank Account, Statement Balance , Discrepancy etc are covering the second line of the Bank Reconciliation screen report.

Thank you for the illustration. I have put this topic into bugs.

Fixed in the latest version ( But for now, table headers won’t be “sticky” if in compact mode.