Cloud Version Payment process & Charges

We are HRFIRST Private limited Pakistan , wants to purchase Cloud version, please update the payment process and amount.

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check the below link for pricing and to start your free trial.

already subscribed free trail, now we want to buy it, how we can pay for it? please update the payment process & medium.

in the pricing faq you have payment methods accepted and details

Since we are new customer we need some relaxation (Concession) in price for Six Months.

@Moh.Shadistic Iā€™m sorry but we do not offer discounts like that. You are more than welcome to use free desktop edition if you cannot justify the cost.

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i will like some tickets for Hawaii too but i dont think i can get them,

however if i am not mistaken you have a discount if you pay for an year, i think is good for you and cloud edition is the best

what is the major difference between cloud version & free desktop version? except the cloud id access?

Have a look here: Compare | Manager

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