Claim or Expire Stock

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How can i manage my expire or claim stock return by market outlets.?
i use credit note for returning but how i separate it to my saleable inventory items.

There are two separate issues involved in what you describe.

When customers return merchandise and you will give them credit for it, issue a credit note (and a negative delivery note if you are using that tab). Whether you ask the customer to return the inventory or simply destroy it is up to you. If you do not require the customer to return the merchandise, issue the credit note with the quantity field blank.

If the merchandise comes back but can no longer be sold, write it off. See

although practically it is a goods receipt, it should be entered as a negative delivery note in Manager.

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You are correct, @sharpdrivetek. I edited my previous post. I was concentrating on the idea of documenting receipt of the returned goods to keep quantities correct rather than the mechanics of the program. Thanks for the correction.