Cheque and GST

When my check get cleared with the bank, I am charged a 0.50 fee and this fee is subjected to gst of 6%. How to I put this down in manager?

You could when you get your bank statement add up the fees and the GST and process them as one payment entry.
Spend Money - Debit Bank Fees with the notation “mth” Fees and Debit GST Paid with a similar notaion
As I don’t know your GST system the entry may differ to above but the process would be similar

The fees are a separate transaction to the check (even though they are related) so you wouldn’t attempt to vary the check

@Braucanna if I were to do that debit directly fr Bank Accounts for GST spending, it won’t be shown in my ‘tax receivable’ accounts right?

Well that depends, when you write a check for any normal supplies that include GST and you pay it directly via the bank - not using suppliers and/or purchase invoice - can you allocate GST?
If yes, then you should be able to do the same, maybe the GST has to be a calculation rather then a separate line entry.
If no, then you could establish the bank as a supplier, enter the monthly fees and GST as a Purchase Invoice which should handle the GST correctly, then pay the invoice like any other supplier.

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This is overkill since bank is not going to send you an invoice, they will simply deduct funds from your bank account.

So regular Spend money transaction where you allocate the amount to some expense account will do. No need to create a bank as a supplier.

The point of the outlined process was to handle the GST aspects of the bank fees if Spend Money couldn’t be used, So regardless if the bank sends an invoice or not, you have to use Manager in a way which achieves the collect recording of GST