Checking Account/Control Account/Clearing Account

Can I use Checking Account/Control Account/Clearing Account? When we use Manager with more then one person, we used to use to accommodate a control account that there is no double input.

For example, when cashier entry cash transaction, only spend/receive money with the transaction description and accounting staf, entry expense etc.

If I understand you correctly, you can create a new cash account with a name like “cash register.” Use it for transactions entered by the cashier. Then periodically use Transfer Money to move the money in it to a regular bank account.

@Tut, when we entry transaction in cash/bank menu, we have to fill the opposite account to make a balance, when we no entry, will be add to suspense account. I mean the cash just do, entry the cash amount and choose the opposite acct is checking account. And later, acct staff will entry the expenses journal and the other journal.
For Example:
AR Received = 500.000m,-

Cash --------- 500.000,00(Db)
Checking Acct-----------------500.000,00(Cr)

Acct. staff:
Checking Acct --------- 500.000,00(Db)
AR -----------------500.000,00(Cr)

You seem to be making several mistakes, @stanisk_welly. While you definitely need to balance debits and credits for each transaction, you should not be using both a cash and checking account unless you are making an internal transfer. When receiving payment for an account receivable, use the Receive Money function, which you can access from either the applicable sales invoice or the bank/cash account. Receiving the money will debit the cash or bank account; the account receivable will be credited.

So, in your example, the cashier’s actions seem to be unnecessary.

I don’t really understand what’s the issue here. It’s better if you post specific example what has happened in reality and then I can suggest how that event should be recorded in Manager.