Checkbox list in edit screen becoming too long

When a new checkbox is added in the edit screens of various transaction forms, they are added from top to down, which i think will soon become matter of concern as already now we need to scroll down so much, & if custom fields are also active we have to scroll down further.

I think it would be more efficient if the max number no. of checkbox from top to down is kept around 5(for example), exceeding which another 5 could appear in the next column just beside those 5 checkbox, & this can continue for all check boxes


That space is only available on some screens.

Seems to align with a suggestion posted before implementation

I think that the move of form defaults to each of these screens will make it possible to actually have these hidden and thus no longer take up all that real estate. However, as acknowledged moving the form defaults should be accompanied by user permissions as it at now is really a problem because any user can mess them up. However, once user permissions can be set then all these settings can be hidden under the default permissions.

If it is possible without edit the invoice authorised user check the imvoice on view invoice mode because if i use the option the checkbox then first edit and then click on :heavy_check_mark: .

I totally agree with @romangarg. Perhaps the most annoying trait of Manager for me is the constant scrolling up and down everywhere. I have the same issue with the main tabs when I have to scroll down to get these:

On the bottom left click the 56 then there is no need for paging.

@eko I think @BawarYassin was talking about accessing ‘copy to clipboard, form defaults, batch operations etc’ buttons.
I too agree with @BawarYassin that those buttons should be accessible from not just bottom, but from top as well in their respective tabs.

But despite my agreement with bawar, I think that is another topic, so it should be moved to another new topic if similar topic already not there in the forum.

@romangarg please let @BawarYassin speak for himself. You are raising issues that you are concerned about. I answered @BawarYassin on the issue of unnecessarily needing to browse tabs. My answer was clear and would resolve the issue raised.

@eko I think that the post by @romangarg was an appropriate response to the post by @BawarYassin, more so than yours.

We should be open to the point of view of every forum member.

@eko The main issue is scrolling. I have to scroll all the way down to click 56. Then it will refresh and take me to the top. Then I will need to scroll down again to click any of the other buttons.
If I had to update 1000 records I will need to use the pages because the clipboard or the program might not handle batch updating all at once.
I didn’t make a new post because the idea is the same just in different places.

The issue is as the program is made more and more customisable the list of options becomes so long it is unworkable.

The solution eventually becomes a method of hiding options a business does not routinely use.

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@Patch Yes, similar to the way we are able to customize & select what all options are available in left navigation panel in the main(summary) screen

But the problem still wont be solved if a business is using almost all option available. The list will still remain long.

So with the implementation of above suggested method, it would still be desirable to align those checkbox horizontally, which is again similar to main screen navigation panel which moves from left to top depending on window size

You are making an assumption on the dimensions of all users screens. For some that assumption will be wrong. Screen sizes vary. There was a phase when Manager was being optimised for display on a smart phone.

It becomes an activity of diminishing returns given the range of users, user equipment, typical and edge case Manager business configuration.

In this particular case, that assumption is not very far off in my opinion. If the user has enough space (which they must) for item name, description, qty, etc. There will be a wide space beneath it.
I tweaked the CSS a little bit and I’m happy with the result I got: