Chart of accounts for NGO

do we have a chat of Account template for NGO? can this forum provide any samples?

Honestly I think you are asking for too much. With the tools provided you can just do this in Chart of Accounts. That all.

Go and open necessary accounts in chart of accounts.
If you don’t know this then you are not an accountant in the first place and that not Manager’s problem.

The best thing will be to sit down with a local accountant and create a chart of accounts and transfer to Manager

since the chart of accounts is different for every individual depending on their government regulations and personal choice, there are no templates.

but it is easier than you think to modify a chart of account as per your needs in Manager.
read the below guides

Thanks mate…built it myself.
Just wanna be competitive with other accounting softwares so i was trying to be sure incase.
Will relay the same if whoever that asks.