Changing End Date for Reconciliation

I’ve searched for this answer and as yet can’t find it.

I want to change the END date for reconciliation, here’s a screenshot of what I want to change.

Thank you.

Click on the Edit button next to the date

I did click the edit button, there is no option to change the date only put the closing balance.

Sorry, quoted the wrong Edit
Go to Reports - Bank Reconciliation Statement and click on the “Edit” next to View

Thanks it has the correct date there 30.6.2016 but the reconciliation button is red.

If the button is red then the reconciliation is incomplete, do you have the correct end balance entered ? If its a credit card, has the balance been entered as a negative (-1234.56) ?

If you scroll down on the report you showed in your opening post screenshot there will be a list of data - has this been matched to your statement

It will only show entries to 26 May, and that’s the date that I can’t change. It changed for everything else just not for there. So if I hit the view button I can put the balance as at 26 May, but not 30 June. I sat for hours yesterday trying to work it out.

Are you saying that under the View button the closing balance (0.00) can’t be changed ?

Why don’t you delete your existing report and then re-create a new report in case there is some data problem.

Brucanna the closing balance can be changed but the closing balance I need is for 30 June. It had the closing balance for 26 May. I have the bank statement going to yesterday 14 July, so it’s not missing data. And when I scroll down the ‘view’ it only showed entries to 25 May. Thanks for going through this with me.

@vickis, you need to supply Manager what’s the closing balance as of May 26th. This is part of the reconciliation process to break down reconciliation period into smaller chunks so they can be reconciled individually.

Also, make sure you are not using a version that is too old. There has been improvements to reconciliation workflow in the past month.

If the closing balance can be changed, why can’t you change it then to the 30 June closing balance

To start from the beginning - for a Reconciliation to 30 June go to Reports - Bank Rec

Click Edit and enter 30/6/2016 (the cash account required should be displayed)
Click View and enter Jun 30 closing balance

Show screenshot of results

Thanks Brucanna, I did this here’s the screen shots, step 1 I changed the date to 30.6.2016 and it shows.

Then I click view and it shows 26.5.2016 not 30.6.2016?

OK, it appears that your Bank Reconciliation can’t balance to Jun 30 so its asking for the balance on May 26, therefore go to your Statement and find the last balance for May 26 and enter that under View and see what result you get.

If the result asks for another date (either earlier or later) then enter the Statement balance for that date until you get a reconciliation. Once this has occurred then it would appear that there is a mismatch of data just after that date.

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Thank you so much I’ll do it now. Fingers crossed.

Thank you so much Brucanna, I DID IT! I had not recorded dates in some of the paid dates, and as you said I had to go a few dates at a time and sort out what I’d done wrong until ‘bingo’ it reconciled. Here’s a screen shot of what I was missing circled, for other who may have the same issue.

As they say you learn the most by your mistakes, thank you everyone for your help.