Changes in the VAT % in greek edition as of 01/07/2016

We will have a change in VAT percentages (i think they will become 6%,13%,24%).

Will you update the program accordingly, when the time comes, or should we made custom ones?

Hey Antoni,
You should create them with the custom option , and archive the old ones.

Last april Lubos said that he would like to maintain all tax code changes inside manager so no one would have to use custom codes. But we are far from there I believe. I do think its a nice move, but not really needed right now.


Check this ->Tax Code rate changes

@AntonisV, I can add them but can you confirm for sure new rates?

I just called my accountant, he will inform me if anything is final for the new VAT.
For the moment what we know is this:

This vat change is not yet voted upon at the parliament.
The voting day will be at 29/5/2016.
If they vote yes, then from 23% the vat tax will go 24% starting at 1/6/2016


Its official, the Greek VAT has gone to 24% (damn).

…and we will need another one 17% also!

i thought that the Islanders can make a custom one because it’s only for a limited time…

You are correct!

So, it’s up to @lubos

going for custom one till its implemented

The latest version (16.5.26) contains VAT 24% now. As for VAT 17%, create it as a custom tax code.