Change from manager desktop to server


I am trying to move to manager server. I downloaded the zip file but it won’t install. Instead it says something went wrong.

When I eventually get upgraded, will my data on desktop version transfer automatically?


I would be interested in what actually happened during this migration or any hurdles encountered. Got any snaps to show or perhaps some extra detail as I am considering over the next year or so at high level to migrate to a server so that we could use manager on our Apple iPad devices to continue accounting requirements.


Yes you can move the data file from the desktop to the server version (or back the other way) as it uses the same file format. I use the server version in my office but if I am going away for the weekend I can copy the data file to my laptop and then copy it back on Monday morning if I made any changes.

Have you tried following the server installation tutorial as that steps you through the setup process and worked for me on 2 different servers.