Change form default names

Hello, let me apologize in advance. I have searched the forum and found 10 articles similar to what I am looking for but not the same.
My Wife and I use Manager.
Is it possible to change the form default name “Sales Quote” to “Pro Forma”.
Whilst it is a simple and not critical request it will save any confusion and be an easy go to when looking up titles of functions.
I have read changing themes and lots of other information but they all seem to border around actually changing the name on the summary page.
Hope you can help by directing me to a guide.
I have trad Tut’s comments that this has been discussed many times but I am still unable to find the answer. I am using the current desktop version of Manager
Kind regards

your answer is clearly explained in the guides with example.
have you completely read and understood them?

your first go to place should be the guides section which can also be accessed from within the Manager program. the forum is only the next place to visit in case you do not find answers in the guides.

this does not clarify which version of Manager you are using. the program advances rapidly and there are few many versions released even in a single day. also, it can be possible that you downloaded from some third party websites who white label 3 year old versions of Manager.

Hello and thanks for your email.

Thanks for the suggestion on the Guides as well. I usually use them unless I cannot find the answer I am seeking, which is this instance.

I am currently running on desktop version 19.11.6

I am so sorry, but I am unable to change the name “Sales Quotes” on the summary page to “Proforma Invoice”.

I have examined both guides and clicked on form defaults, but that only allows me to change the contents of the form.

What I am trying to do is change the words “sales Quotes on the summary page to “proforma invoice”

The summary p[age is the one which contains


Bank Accounts

Receipts and Payments

Expense Claims


Sales Quotes……… these are the words I would like to change to “Proforma Invoice”

Would appreciate your help, as I must be missing something blazingly obvious but I cannot see it clearly explained anywhere

Kind regards


you are not missing anything.
if you are trying to rename the tabs, then that is not possible.
those are hard-coded in the program and not part of the user transactions which can be modified.

Thanks for that, I thought I noticed titles were hard coded when I first setup Manager on my desktop but found no other mention of it. Perhaps a mention in the guides would be great