Change columns on invoice, hide/remove 'Code' column

Dear all,

I’m new to, but I have to say a very powerful product!

I want to make some adjustments in the (sales)invoice, but have a hard time to figure it out. Hopefully one of you can help me out.

I make use of inventory and non-inventory items. While creating an invoice using only inventory items I see the columns ‘Description’, ‘Qty’, ‘Unit price’ and ‘Amount’ in return on the invoice. However when I use only non-inventory or both (inventory and non-inventory) items, to create my invoices a see an additional column called ‘Code’.

Only inventory items:

Non-inventory or both:

If possible I want to always ‘hide’ the ‘Code’ column. For that I’ve found a way, but then everything is messed up. The code I use to hide the column is: {% if (column.label == ‘Code’)%}{% continue%}{% endif %} that is written in the template. After adding that code, the whole markup is wrong:

Any clue how to fix the markup?

Cheers and many thanks,

I think the possible way from my perspective is to remove the code from inventory item itself.

@Drew_Mike This was the simplest way and its working. The ‘Item code’ is indeed optional and when not used not shown on the invoice. Thanks!

When i save to PDF, every column size most same width… Should be DESCRIPTION is more width then others… but now not like that

Column widths can only be changed with custom themes. Writing that code is outside the scope of this forum. If you do not have the programming skills, hire a local programmer to do it for you.