Cents in Revenue Account whilst all invoices & receipts in full values

On my summary page for my various revenue accounts…the amount of revenue shown for a particular period has values that show “cents”.

However, all items on the invoice have been billed with no cents at all. Also, all bank receipts have no cents. I have no tax code linked to anything (in as far as i can tell anyway).

Even when I run a report of transactions for a customer who has taken one of the items of that Revenue account, i see no cents.

How is it possible that the revenue account is showing cents?

I see that most of the cents disappear when i toggle the summary view to “Accrual Basis”. What does “Cash Basis” do to the numbers that makes results to have “cents”.


Changing between cash and accrual basis accounting does not alter underlying transactions in any way. It only affects which are included in summaries and reports, primarily through inclusion or exclusion of accounts payable or receivable.

To track down the origin of the cents, click on the balance figure on the Summary page that shows them. You will see a list of all contributing transactions. Examine those transactions. Since the balance changes when shifting from cash to accrual, do this both ways. It may also help to temporarily alter the period displayed to include your entire history in Manager.