Cash on Hand

I took personal money for our cash register. I’d like to record the money as Cash on Hand and record it as a capital expense. I created the Cash on Hand Account, then went to Expense claim but it won’t let me choose my Capital account under payee. Please advise. From there I would like to then have cash sales that take from Cash on Hand and then when I make my bank deposit move from Cash on Hand to the bank account. Is this the proper procedure to handle this? We are only open 2 days a week and we only go to the bank once a week, if that helps.

Do you mean you took money from the cash register, or that you put personal money into the cash register? The rest of my answers assume you put money in.

A contribution of personal funds to the business is not a capital expense, nor any kind of expense for that matter. If you are using a capital account, you need to receive money to your Cash on Hand account and post to Capital accounts => Member => Funds contributed. See this Guide:

The payee on an expense claim is the entity you buy something from. For this transaction, you should not use an expense claim at all. Expense claims are only for purchases made on behalf of the company from personal funds. Read this Guide:

Cash sales would add to Cash on hand, not take from. See:

Transfer money. See this Guide:

This makes no difference whatsoever to anything.