Cash on hand

i took some cash form my company owner several time and i want to add to cash on hand account with date for every time i take a money from him but i couldn’t know how to do that

could any one help me with this

thank you

an update for my question this payment i took form the owner is financial custody that i use to pay rent and other sorts of payment methods so i want to add it to Manger but i don’t know where to put this kind of financial operations and if he give me any other payment i need to record it with dates so i know when and how much he give me

thank you

Read these Guides:

When recording the receipt, you need an account to post it to. This will generate a credit to balance the debit to the cash account. Since this is the owner putting money into the company, the most likely solution is a capital account. Read these Guides:

You may need to change your perspective. The owner is not giving money to you at all. He is investing money in the business. The accounting records are from the perspective of the business, not you as an individual.