Cash Based Use

One of our companies we report and account on a cash basis.

What modules should we include/exclude? I take it Assets and Purchase Orders etc; can be removed but can reports also set to be calculated on a cash basis if we still use those features?

There is nothing specific you need to do when reporting on cash-basis. Manager automatically keeps track of figures on cash-basis and accrual-basis regardless what modules you are using.

When generating a report such as P&L, Balance sheet or tax reports, you can select to calculate figures on cash-basis.

How exactly do I do this? I can’t see an option in the report screen?

When you create a new report, the next screen has the accounting basis option in the upper right corner.

Also, this option is only visible if you have enabled Sales Invoices or Purchase Invoices tabs. If you are not recording invoices, then cash-basis and accral-basis figures will be identical therefore there is no need to that option to be shown.