Cash & accrual basis columns

A business may adopt the cash basis of accounting for taxation purposes even though it sells and purchases goods and services on credit and records the transactions into Manager. If the main purpose for using Manager is to meet taxation obligations and the cash basis can be adopted for taxation purposes the business operator may disregard the accrual basis reports that reflect the financial position and performance of the business more accurately than cash basis reports.

It would be helpful if the accounting method could be selected for each column in the financial reports. This would enable a financial report to show cash and accrual figures next to each other for comparison purposes.

A business owner makes a business level decision if the business will be managed using cash based accounting or accrual based accounting.

Manager currently always defaults to accrual accounting in all reports.
Allowing the business owner to set the default to Cash based accounting for a business would be appreciated.

This idea addresses only the question of cash versus accrual reporting. Do not forget that the decision on whether to use accrual or cash basis accounting involves more, such as when transactions are entered, whether expense accruals are needed, adjusting entries, and so forth.