Cash and Bank Transaction

Hello good day,

I am not able to find the Cash Transaction TAB or the Bank Transaction Tab can someone assist me please.

Also in sending an emailing its not working keep saying error/ SMTP.

If you are a new user of Manager, please read the guides which will explain what you need to do

You need to customize your business to activate the different tabs. But read the guides about setting up, etc before diving into the software.

There are guides covering how to setup and troubleshoot your email which will help you set it up correctly. There are too many email services available to be able to answer your question here

The Cash Transactions and Bank Transactions tabs were combined into the Receipts & Payments tab in August 2018. If your prior version of Manager still had those tabs, you were many hundreds, possibly thousands, of versions behind.

If you have email problems, read and follow the instructions and links in this Guide: Troubleshoot email issues | Manager.