Can't delete due to attachment link

I want to delete previous transactions of data and only leaves the relevant listing like customer and supplier.

However, I consider this as bug due to the reference(attachment) still existing in the database and yet no option to actually delete the said reference object.

I suspect it might be due to batch operations or updates by lubos along the way.

Can’t you go into view and delete the attachment from there. With invoices, I know that you can delete attachments from view mode, but you can’t delete them in edit mode.

Having said that if you want to delete the transaction and the attachment the delete button should provide the ability to delete both.

I forgotten how to delete, I thought the process of batch delete should be made it easy in reality is not,since I refrain from using the attachment due to the workflow I currently working on.

I like the idea delete both.

I think there is the need to have feature where add and delete attachment is within edit view. It will made the deletion process smooth in one go, if there is any reference to other documents. If not it takes extra time to actually to go to view mode just to delete attachments.

Deleting attachments at the same time as the transaction would also be dangerous and lead to users complaining that their only surviving copy of support documentation disappeared because, for example, they deleted a purchase invoice because they were going to re-enter it to correct mistakes. Manager’s design philosophy is to preserve information to protect users from inadvertent mistakes. Users could easily not be aware of the ramifications of such a control button. And there would be no way to recover.

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@acecombat2 I concur that having the ability to delete attachment within edit mode makes sense. View mode should not be used to edit the transaction in any way. I have done it myself - going into edit mode to delete an attachment then realised that I had to go into view mode to do ths. Not logical.

But I do agree with @Tut the the program should force you to delete the attachment on it’s own for the reasons he stated. Too much risk of deleting the only source file.

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Well I was expecting to delete the source file first before delete the transaction as usual. Just like current design only the difference is it placed in edit view.

Regarding @Tut scenario it only occurs when they try to delete with intend of rectify the mistakes. I have another suggestion for that kind of scenario. There should have been a status as “Inactive” or “Cancelled” so it does not included in the report. This also allows to preserve digital copy of attachments.

Or Can we have a feature where the template can be export with only the listings and company information, chart of account and what not for continuity for the next financial period where the transactions like payments and receipts, Purchase Invoice, Sales Invoice and so on are not included in the exported template?

The reason behind of the request is I literally going through where my previous client came back with audited report different chart of account but the same supplier, customer and banks. after a year. Then, it would be not viable to continue with financial period gap (Bank Reconcilliation issue) on top of different chart of account.

Is time consuming to add back from square one the customer and supplier listing and delete transactions where some of accounts are combined which is different of how I design everything is separate. Like I separate ‘Printing Expenses’ and ‘Stationery Expenses’ while the audited report combined as ‘Printing and Stationery Expenses’.