Cannot remove Control Account for inventory items


when an inventory item has a control account set, there is no option to remove the control account even if the inventory item has no related transactions.

Every inventory item must have a control account.

This is why I’m planning to disallow renaming built-in control accounts because it just leads to confusion when built-in control account is renamed to something specific. If users want control account have different names, there are custom control accounts now.

i have not renamed my default control account and everything works fine.
the Inventory Repairs is a new control account i have created. and once you select this new control account you cannot make it blank so that it links to the default built-in control account.

this is how all my other inventory items are and they work fine.

I can see what you mean now. You are correct. Fixed in the latest version (20.5.99)

20.5.99 i can confirm this issue is solved.