Can we customize a sales invoice number?


My question is is it available to change the auto increase number of sales invoice to a difference way like this, {CurrentDate} {IncrementalNumber}, so i start my day and create new invoice should be like this: 2021031601 and next number is 2021031602


Not without manually inserting the reference number for the first invoice each day

I do not understand why you, or anyone, would want to do that

It is not a good idea to display the quantities of invoices that you sold during the establishment of your business from the beginning to any customer.

Then just set a number for example 6754367 and continue from there.

I am not sure that your customers really care about the number of invoices you have created.

They are more concerned with the quality and price of the goods and/or services supplied

Yes you are right its not even an issue, so I just ask if it is available or not. if it is available then will be nice.