Can I apply 2 seperate tax lines to my sub-total amount?


I am trying to add 2 separate tax lines to my invoice sub-total amount.

  1. VAT at 15%
  2. ZTA at 2% (Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, as I run a Bed & Breakfast in Zimbabwe)

Please see attached image, any help is greatly appreciated.



You cannot apply any tax code to a total. You can only apply them (one at a time) to individual line items.

If you have a special item that is 100% tax, create a 100% custom tax code and enter it as a separate line item.

An illustration would be


The accommodation tax could be added as a specific Zimbabwe tax code under localisations rather than a custom tax code.

Thanks both of you, I am new to and also new to doing this type of work accounting also.

Do you know which tutorial would enable me to do this, I have been looking at this for days and I do not know what to search for.



See Create and use tax codes | Manager under the subheading, Custom tax codes.

thanks I’ll try that

Can you please let me know how you costomize like this

Was this what you wanted

  1. Create some where to put the second tax

  2. Create a multi-part tax

  3. Create a sales invoice and use the tax code

    Quantity 2 and unit price 100 would better match your charging
    Putting the description “Room nights” in the line item not transaction description or using an income account call “Room night” would also improve the printed invoice.

  4. View / print invoice

  5. Effect of the first sale

In the future it maybe possible to report on multi-part tax codes with localisations

If you follow the path of a multi-part tax code, read this Guide: Work with multi-component custom tax codes | Manager. As I think about it, that seems easier than the 100% custom tax code I first suggested. But both will work.

thank you