By products in production orders

How can you configure manager to consider by products in production? that is, when a manufacturing order outputs more than one finish good

You can’t. Production order can only produce one type of item.

This is because production order is not only about quantities. It is also about calculating cost for produced item.

If production order could create multiple types of items, there is no way for software to figure out in what proportion to allocate the cost to different types of output items.

The way you can solve this is to create some intermediate inventory item which can be then split into final items (primary item + by products) using another production order.

Or perhaps I could allow to define multiple types of output items but then I need to ask for percentages in which proportion the cost should be allocated.

Yeah I trust you can do that.

I really need a feature like that.

I extract cacao butter from cacao nibs, output cacao butter and a presscake. both are products of the same operation, both are to be transformed in products in further operations, there could be a way like percentage to be manually attribuated to each product, and cost calculated that way…

would this be possible anytime soon?


I think your idea is workable. Manager will need to know percentages to correctly spread acquisition cost across multiple output items. I will probably implement it this way.

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we are waiting sir. Thank you

Dear Mr. Lubos,

I am facing the same problem as I am running a rice production business.
There are seven items for which proportion of production can be provided and cost for each item can be added.

if you can help me in solving the problem.

Improvements to production orders are already on the Ideas list: Production Orders - Enhancements.