Bulk update of inter account transfers

bulk updating of inter account bank transfers (by creating bank rule) should also be given attention

Please do not divert topics with unrelated posts. This post had nothing to do with batch delete features. I have moved it to its own topic.

There are several problems with your suggestion:

  • Transfers show up already in bank statements, either as deposits or withdrawals for the bank account for which you have obtained the statement. So they can already be allocated by bank rule for that account.
  • An exported bank statement will have transactions for only one account. An inter account transfer requires posting to two accounts, one of which might be at a different bank and impossible to include under any circumstances.
  • If the second account is with the same institution and the first account, it will show up in a statement for that account. If this describes your transfers, you don’t need the Inter Account Transfers tab at all. Just import statements for both accounts and you will have both ends of the transaction.
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