Bulk email of statements

Is there a feature to send out customer statements in bulk? Having to email my 76 customers one by one is proving quite tough

Thanks for the good work

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I’m planning to rewrite emailing module in Manager in order to support bulk-emailing. This will in turn allow to implement support for bulk email of customer statements.

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Is there a option to bulk email statements and or invoices?

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Did you manage to implement the bulk emailing feature?


Not yet

Good afternoon

Just checking if you have managed to start looking at implementing the bulk email feature (In my case statements)?

Something along the lines of
An option on the customer to specify whether they are part of the bulk email list
A date/month for when to generate the statements for (and to review the statements if required)
another button to bulk email these statements off (perhaps with a checkbox next to each statement so we can exclude some if needed?)

This would allow us to send off statements to whoever we want on a monthly basis when ready, at a click of a button, instead of going through every customer and sending off the email individually.

Many thanks!

The developer has not implemented any bulk email functionality yet. It’s not known what the timeline is for it to become available.

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Hi @lubos, is there any timeline for the implimentation of this feature. Seems to be a very requested basic feature for a lot of users.


5 year anniversary on this feature request. Still no progress…?

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I wouldn’t be holding my breath for this request

hi, when will this option be available. It is really difficult to email all invoices and statements individually.
thank you


Good Morning. Just checking in to see what the progress is on this. I have been using the platform faithfully since I made this request over 5 years ago. I still have to send out statements individually for 70 customers, every month

Maybe a solutions similar to “Bulk Create” button… it would be nice to have a “Bulk email” button. Just a thought.