Bug: header of Profit and Loss statement incorrect

I have created a profit and loss statement for 12 months, in this order:
1-2017: 01-01-2017 to 31-01-2017
2-2017: 01-02-2017 to 28-02-2017
3-2017: 01-03-2017 to 31-03-2017

If you then display the profit and loss statement, the following is shown, both on the statement itself as on the list of all the profit and loss statements:

As you see, Manager only takes into account the first month that’s on the P&L, its doesn’t look for the right “max date”.

Sorry, I am not understanding what you are trying to illustrate.

I guess that the line “For the period from 01-01-17 to 31-01-17” is not correct. It should read “For the period from 01-01-17 to 31-12-17”

Why should it? It would only show that if you select that date range.

That’s the way that the report works. That heading comes from the first column dates, in your case 01-01-17 to 31-01-17, all other columns are then comparisons to the first column.

That’s correct!

I now understand the behavior. It’s unfortunate that I cannot change the heading myself to something that would make more sense :slight_smile:

You can add a column and place it at the top for the whole year 2017 so you have 13 columns in total (12 for the months and 1 for the whole year).