Bug: Customer Batch Create

Batch create is throwing an error when submitting data.
Please advise

When reporting an error, please include:

  1. Your Manager edition and version
  2. Your operating system
  3. Screen shots of the error message
  4. Detailed steps taken to reproduce the error, along with screen shots of the edit screens for forms you are entering

Without this information it is difficult for others to help you. However, there’s a good chance your issue is related to this topic, so I suggest you monitor that for updates.

What version and edition?
What error?
What did you do?
When does the error occur?

So far you have given no useful information that could help anyone offer assistance Server Edition

@PREM you have been requested to provide much more details and it is not the forum members task to tease this out of you. We do not even see any screenshots, do not know which batch create operation you were trying to do, you did not provide the Operating System for the Server edition you installed, etc.

The forum guides at FAQ - Manager Forum specify under how to increase your chances of getting useful information for example to:

  • Be specific. Do not just tell us a feature does not work. Explain what you have done and why you think there is an issue. If your question relates to an apparent software problem (rather than an accounting topic), tell us your operating system (including the version), Manager edition (desktop, server, or cloud), and exactly what you think is wrong. If possible, post screen shots illustrating the problem. If your question is related to custom themes or custom reports, always post the code or report definition you have developed and the results it produces. Do not simply post a picture of something you want and ask other users to tell you how to achieve it.

If you searched the forum you would also have noticed that there is a already a topic in the BUGs category of this forum related to Batch Operations and maybe your post should have been put there if different from what others already reported.