Billable Time Description


Please could the above have a ‘memory’ as has the category field.


Actually it’s on purpose that billable time description is not an autocomplete field. The reason is to encourage meaningful descriptions for customers.

What’s your use-case that you think otherwise?


I take your point. This is ok if providing a bestoke service, have the time, and want to make a customer feel special.

Much of my work is repetitive with a finite number of services at a finite number of sites.

  1. The description field is useful for entering the above. I have to
    retype many entries at the time of creating billable times. This
    allows me to also use the billable time entries as a work diary,
    knowing where I should be each day.
  2. The description field is only one [apart from the date] automatically appearing on the invoice
    [unless customised], so it is in this I put the above. It also helps the customer to more easily check what I’ve done against what they
    think I’ve done.

There may be a way of creating invoices from billable time and then customising that invoice by editing but that defeats the object of saving me time.

Just thought it a good idea and easy to implement.

Thanks for considering.